Sep 13, 2016

NECA 2016 Excellence Award - Winner for the Second Year in a Row!

For the second time in two years, Mainpower Electrics have been recognised for our outstanding work on not one, but two exceptional projects this year.


Opulence in Vaucluse was nominated as a State Finalist which would have been recognition enough, but then to win the Domestic Category for The Penthouse project in Potts Point was a tremendous honour, and acknowledges the high standards that Mainpower Electrics strive for year-in year-out on every project.


Once again the collaboration with Horizon Habitats Pty Ltd has created a beautiful and unique luxury residence with a mix of subtle lighting features and state-of-the-art automation systems. In collaboration with Ron Keir Design & Architecture, Pia Francesca Interior Design and Light Project, Mainpower Electrics designed the lighting control systems, automation and AV solutions to fit seamlessly into the rest of the project.


The NECA award not only recognises the visual features of the residence, both indoors and out, but also the quality of the “behind the scenes” work in areas cable management, main board installation and general “neatness” of all work.

The Penthouse project threw up a number of unique challenges that the Mainpower Electrics team had to overcome. Being an existing residence (not a new dwelling) meant that extra care was needed when installing all the wiring and systems controls so as to not damage existing building structure or joinery. There was also a special delivery of lighting fixtures delivered direct from New York that needed extra systems to allow them to work in this installation. These problems and more were all overcome with precision and professionalism, all of which was recognised by NECA.


In an market where harmonious operation is the key to client satisfaction, Mainpower Electrics successfully integrated Clipsal C-Bus lighting and automation, Crestron iPad control, Sonos Multi-room audio and Ness M1 security system into a seamless system that is practical, functional and, of course, reliable.


Please visit our gallery for more images of The Penthouse.