Automation is vastly becoming one of the most popular infrastructures requested by domestic and commercial clients. It allows various systems and devices to communicate with each other. The project site may contain a variety of devices such as lighting, security, heating, cooling, electric blinds and home entertainment systems. A Mainpower design and solution can create a single network that can be easily and conveniently controlled from any part of the project.

    Our automation solutions consist of architecturally designed wall switches and touch panels. These devices create the flexibility of mood transforming (e.g. scene controlling), as well as classy interior design.

    Automation also offers the rare flexibility of energy efficiency. Automatically turning on and off lighting, ceiling fans, zoned heating and cooling in areas that are occupied, and only when their operation is needed. Easily and efficiently lighting automation has the capability of dimming lighting down to the level you require so you use less power, also automatically adjusting dimmed lighting power to maintain a preset illumination level as natural light from windows varies.

    Automations greatest advantage is the flexibility for future proofing. Our automation engineers can accommodate your changing needs by simply reprogramming your automation system without rewiring.



    Home theatre and multi – room audio is becoming a standard installation for the modern home. Mainpower is streamlining and adapting solutions to suit all entertainments needs as more clients are requesting the cinema experience. Mainpower employs trained engineers in audio/visual and can recommend  packages that will compliment your requirements and budget.

    Mainpower have the experience and resources to design and install large home theatre rooms, smaller stand alone systems (lounge and bedroom) and whole dwelling multi-room audio systems.

    This multi-room system can be controlled by individual keypads located in each area of the home or via remote tablets. It can have multiple inputs and any of these sources can be selected for listening into any of the music zones (e.g. i-Pod, CD, DVD, Foxtel).

    Our integrating and programming experience can enable interfacing between touch screens and remote controls for more flexible and user friendly entertainment systems.



    Security is a priority in today’s society; Mainpower offers customised security solutions. Our consultants can provide you with the latest in security alarm systems, access card systems, back to base monitoring, security camera technology and CCTV.

    Mainpower can create integrated security solutions for your home or workspace. Surveillance has become a simple task from wherever you may be via the touch of a button. The advantages of integrating all aspects of your security system will enable flexible monitoring via touch screens, live Internet streaming and the convenience of viewing from any television.

    Through automation programming we can illuminate all lighting both inside and outside when a security or fire alarm is activated, or at any other time from a touch screen, wall switch or remote tablet. Mainpower’s security and automation team will improve deterrence and increase a more effective response, which will discourage unauthorised entry.



    Mainpower are providers of diverse and standard electrical services from residential, commercial, and industrial installations, our experienced team offers a step by step approach.

    Mainpower’s electrical services range from minor residential developments, consisting of standard lighting and power, through to larger multiple domestic, commercial, and industrial projects requiring energy provider consultations, power applications, energy efficiency and the experience to design complete solutions.

    Our electrical aspect of the company is the backbone for the wider range of services we offer, so it is important that our qualified technicians and electricians are trained to provide the highest quality of workmanship and customer service.